JESTERS OF THE ROUND TABLE 9th-19th of August 2019
This year we want to isolate one important factor from Laumulistasamsteypan’s toolkit: the game.

Designing games for any decisions, discussions or actions that need to be taken, we will actively integrate games into every aspect of our stay in Hrísey. A game system for laying the table, a board game to determine discussion topics during breakfast, a larp game for the walk to the studio.

Diving into the format of the game, stretching it, reducing it, applying it to different kinds of interactions or situations. Researching the limitations and facilitations a game can offer as a structure for thought and communication.

A game as creative thinking process.
A game as a rule breaker.
A game as game changer.
A game that is specially designed for a jalapenos farmer named Tweety.

A game as telepathic communication.
A game as a music producer.
A game as a debate podium.
A game that strokes your hair and sings you lullabies.

A game where the pawn has all the power.
A game that makes you hate the system.
A game disguised as breakfast.
A game that does all the hard work for you.
A game of the size of an island.

At the jesters’ round table everyone is equal and everyone is simultaneously the fool and the mastermind.