HAMUR / HAM & the Clusterfog Gig Event in Harbinger exhibition space, Reykjavík, August 2017.

When you wake up in the morning with sea on the left, sea on the right, sea at your back, and far ahead, you must be on an island.

When there is always someone knocking at your door when you're peeing, and your shoes already left the house without you, you must be with a lot of people.

When green fabric keys out holes in the landscape, and its too bright outside to see whats on your screen, you must have signed up for a pretty unrealistic reality-show.

"What makes islands so nice is that they are usually surrounded by bodies of water.”

Sue Chan Rockerfeller, from the best-selling book Dolphins in the Mist

Photos by Ólöf Kristín Helgadóttir