Laumulistasamsteypan is a residency, a collective, a cooking club, an oddity, a festival, an un-broadcasted reality TV show, a reunion, an expedition, a radio station and a transnational project meeting but first and foremost a summer camp for restless artists.

Laumulistasamsteypan (the Sly Art Association or the Hush-hush Art Alliance) is initiated by Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir and Arna María Kristjánsdóttir and has been running since 2014. It’s two main functions are:

Laumulistasamsteypan: the annual summer camp where a group of artists meet in Hrísey, Iceland, for a collaborative residency.

The Laumi Hat: a collective including all the artists that have participated in the summer camp in Hrísey.

Laumulistasamsteypan and the Laumi Hat are amoebas that shift shape according to the needs of the group and its organisers. Sometimes its tentacles expand abroad while on other occasions it shrinks down to its smallest core.

offers an opportunity to orbit around suns unknown to your own artistic practise, to shift your weight temporarily and give all your attention and energy to the mission at hand and the group surrounding you. Laumulistasamsteypan acts as artistic vitamin to its members that seeps in slowly and often months after the project is over, activating unexpected fields.

The Laumi Hat
seeks to unite the past, present and future members of Laumulistasamsteypan. Under the Laumi Hat artists can exhibit, collaborate and share knowledge within the network formed on the shared experience of participating in the collaborative efforts of Laumulistasamsteypan.

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